I first saw the guys from York Emporium last year at the European coffee tea & soft drinks expo in London where their roaster was giving a talk about how best to roast De-caf coffee. I was surprised I'd not come accross them before and the talk was really insightful. 


Since, I've been to the roastery a few times and they came to the cupping I hoasted in York at The Attic (side note - if you've not been to the Attic, it's well worth a trip to York.)


Rich is the lead cupper and in charge of the roastery - he's a really fun guy and very knowlageable about many aspects of specialty coffee. He has been working on bringing the specialty coffee more to the forefront of what they do, with this being a great example of a Brazilian natural. 


Sancoffee is a very distinctive business model. It´s a relationship platform to connect the growers within the cooperative to the specialty coffee buyers around the world. No wonder they teamed up with Algrano to help roasters in the UK buy direct from farms in their cooperative.


Coffees are prepared and exported direct from the origin. All thir activities are guided by the importance they place on quality, consistency and transparency. Sancoffee undertakes several projects in parthership with research institutes and universities toward the continous increase of the quality and consistency. The “Quality Mining and Learning Project” is always going around the coffee farms to: 1) look for the highest potential lots among a wide range of varieties and coffee plantations; 2) motivate growers and their co-workers to keep the focus in the specialty coffee; and, 3) teach them how to produce high quality coffees in a consistent way.


This coffee is their "chocolate recipie" with a mix of farms within the cooperative and variatals to give a full chocolatey flavour profile, a clean and eligant coffee that demonstrates the cup expected and sought after by many coffee drinkers. 



Roaster - York Emporium

Location - York


Coffee Origin - Brazil

Grower - San Coffee

Location - Santo Antônio do Amparo

Process - Natural

Variety - Various

Taste notes -  Chocolate, Hazelnut & Caramel (and more Chocolate) 


If you'd like to see the coffee on the York Emporium web site and also see more of their coffees and their story just click here


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York Emporium - Brazil

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