Robert heads up White Rose Coffee Roasters. Robert has many years coffee experiance and went to visit producers in Brazil last year on one of the Coffee Origin Trips. I met Robert for the first time last year when I want to visit the roastery, however I've know the family much longer. 


Ken Cooper is, to say the least, a true ambasidor for coffee. 

I first met Ken back in 2008 when he was judging and I was entering the Northern heats of the UKBC. He struck be back then as an extreamly knowledgeable and really welcoming person and the more I've got to know him, I've learnt this to be very true. Over the years I've compeated and then judged competitions with Ken, been to the pub after events and been to visit the roastery now and then in Halifax. 


You can read all about Pennine Tea and Coffee by clicking here and White Rose is their their in house Roastery, roasting a Speciality Coffee selection. The coffee is roasted traditionally over a gas flame in small batches and they are proud to display the Made in Yorkshire badge for their Speciality coffee which is uniquely roasted in Halifax.  


Finca Las Margaritas is a family farm managed by myself and my wife Lina. We are helped by overseer Andrés and his wife Pilar. Lina and I are both engineers and live in Bucaramanga, but having a farm and returning to the countryside was a dream of ours. We believe we can offer a better future for our daughters Laura and Luisa by working with coffee. Our farm is located in the mountains of Confines, Santander, between 1750m and 1900m above sea level. The climate is fresh and we have many trees to cover our plantation. We are Rainforest Alliance certified due to our commitment to the environment and biodiversity and we have a water spring surrounded by a conservation area. This harvest is the first in which we are experimenting with processing. These are still small scale investments because of space, but we are very happy with the results so far! We haven't received many visitors yet and welcome those who want to see what we do and drink some guarapo (and coffee) with us! Guaipó means "the strength of nature" and is also the name of our roasted coffee brand. We chose it because it represents our respect for the environment. This lot was manually picked with the supervision of manager Andres and went through a double fermentation process prior to washing. We left the cherries to ferment over two nights (48 hours) before depulping. Then the coffee was transferred to an open tank where it was fermented in mucilage for 16 hours, washed and dried on patio. We laid the bed of beans thinly for even drying and covered the patio with a sheet to increase and stabilise the temperature and to avoid direct exposure to the sun. This is the first year we process our washed coffees this way and we are very happy with the feedback we had from different Q Graders.


Roaster - White Rose Coffee Roasters

Location - Halifax, West Yorkshire


Coffee Origin - Colombia

Grower - Finca Las Margaritas

Location - Charala, Santander

Process - Washed

Variety - Castillo

Taste notes - Delicate but complex, white tea, milk chocolate, floral, toffee- panela & green apple.


You can see the full range from White Rose Coffee Roasters and buy direct on this link and if you do - the code BeanDrinking will get you 5% off your 1st order. 


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White Rose Coffee Roasters - Colombia

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