The box was started in April 2020 with a trial, adapted in May with various boxes going out through June and July. 
Now we have a live subscription for you to buy in whatever size you need either as beans or ground. Deliveries will all go out at the end of each month and of course, if you just want a one off box, that's fine too. (But there is a discount if you select subscription - even if you cancel after the 1st month) 


The tasting box is a variety of coffees - the latest development sees a common theme among the 6 coffees in the box. For the most part this will be the country the coffee has been grown. As coffee is a seasonal crop, harvest times are differant in various areas around the world. The next few boxes all aim to showcase the latest from from a specific area. Each month there will be a selection of 6 coffees from differant roasters to give a variety of coffees all from the same country to really get into a wide range that each origin has to offer. 


August we have North Colombia, mostly from the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Santander area. The coffees were all harvested November / December 2019, milled and shipped, arriving in the UK this June.


In terms of coffee freshness - all coffee is ordered from the roasters and then cupped and packed. Every batch of coffee is cupped once and bags kept sealed until needed and once open they are packed immediately.

Coffee is generally best within the first few weeks of being roasted and a rest period of at least 7-10 days is recommended for most brew styles.

Coffee is ordered on or around the 15th of the month from the roasters and expected to leave for you by the 25th of the month, arriving by the 28th in most cases (given that it may fall over a weekend). 


Postage is Royal Mail 1st class so next day is expected, though not guaranteed from the day you receive the e-mail saying your order has been shipped.


Any orders placed before the 15th of the month will go out at the same time for delivery before the end of the month along with the subscriptions. Orders placed or new subscriptions started after the 15th will be sent as soon as possible, but may not arrive until the start of the following month.

(If I have to order extra coffee for you - it may take a bit longer.)


All orders and subscriptions placed on or after the 25th of the month will be sent out the following month and will be a new set of coffees. 


The months to come are subject to change, but could look like this:

September: Central America 1 - Honduras and Costa Rica

October: Ethiopia

November: Central America 2 - El Salvador and Guatemala

December: Best of the Christmas coffees - Not origin specific, more a selection of the best of 2020. 

Monthly tasting box

Box size


    Whatever you order, we will get it to you as soon as possible. Any brewing equipment or filters will be in stock unless otherwise stated on the page. Tasting boxes will be assembled and sent sometimes the next day if coffee has just arrived, but may take up to 2 weeks to reach you. All roasted coffee will arrive within 2 weeks from the date of order, but we aim for 3-4 days.

    All orders under £30 are sent 1st class royal mail. Orders over £30 are sent next day recorded delivery. Shipping terms are correct at the time of order but subject to change in the future. 


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