Manumit Coffee - Uganda Zukuka Bora

Manumit Coffee - Uganda Zukuka Bora

I was first introduced to Manumit at a coffee show, when I heard about what they are all about I was inspired to work with them more.

Esther was my main point of contact at the time, since then she has started her own consultancy business - I highly recommend you check out her new site. 

Dai and Nick, the founding directors of Manumit, are now back in the coffee driving seat and they are great guys. I've worked with Manumit on some past coffees and some more coffees to come. This particular coffee is not one we worked together on, but the project in Uganda needs as much attention as possible and I really wanted to share it with you.

Enough from me - let's get into the coffee and the roastery:


When you go to the about section of Manumit you are greeted with the bold words: Every 30 seconds someone becomes a slave.

Manumit offers dignity & hope to survivors of modern slavery through training & employment. Their coffee is roasted by men and women who have suffered horrendous exploitation at the hands of traffickers and modern slave traders but are now rebuilding their lives. At the Cardiff-based Roastery they produce excellent coffee that combats modern slavery on 3 levels:

• Sourcing specialty coffee beans from ethical, slavery free suppliers.

• Training and employing survivors of modern slavery as coffeeroasters.

• Investing all profits in local and international anti-slavery projects.

Together we are providing #FreedomThroughCoffee.


Zukuka Bora is a coffee cooperative with whom Manumit have strong connections. This is a limited edition coffee with only 10 sacks available.

Zukuka Bora says ‘We aim to be ‘more than fairtrade’ – Our farmers receive training, tools and personal advice. They receive top-rate prices for their quality coffee, they receive bonuses based on our sales and are stakeholders in the company.

We stand together in times of crisis, and we work alongside our partner organisation, JENGA Uganda, to deliver community-wide benefits such as; healthcare training, education sponsorship, and community savings groups.’


Roaster - Manumit Coffee Roaster

Location - Cardiff, Wales


Coffee Origin - Uganda

Grower - Zukuka Bora

Location - Namatyo Falls, East Uganda

Process - Honey

Variety - Heirloom

Taste notes - Milk chocolate, stone fruits, brown sugar.


You can see this coffee and read more about Manumit from their online store 


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