James Gourmet Coffee - Tanzania: Edelweiss Golden Honey

James Gourmet Coffee - Tanzania: Edelweiss Golden Honey

Peter James is one of the pioneers of Specialty coffee. He was traveling to origin to meet producers, bringing coffee back and working on roast profiles before there was a specialty scene in the UK.

Founded in 1999 James Gourmet Coffee (JGC) has stayed as a small family business with over half the staff being with the business for over a decade and focussing on specialty, gourmet coffee. JGC were also the very first roaster in the UK to bring coffee in using the Algrano platform, back in 2016. 

JGC are a subtle brand, they work on quality every day and don't shout about what they do very much, instead letting the coffee speak for itself. They have been doing this tirelessly and have always been well respected amongst the entire coffee community. Just last month, James Hoffman said in one of his videos that if there was 1 roaster that he had to choose to buy coffee from it would be James Gourmet Coffee. You can see the full story here


I met Peter last year and have been back in a few times since. It's always a pleasure to spend time with a genuinely nice person with such a huge love of coffee. We usually drink coffee in the training room that looks out onto the roastery, maybe cup some offer samples or brew a filter and chat about life and coffee. I always leave with a little more knowledge than I had before and somehow a little more peaceful. 


This coffee is the second coffee, fresh off the boat from Tanzania. Specifically from the Edelweiss estate, located in Arusha region in Northern Tanzania. This is an experimental honey lot produced by mixing natural, honey and washed processing techniques. The result is an intensely sweet and complex coffee that is different from most honeys out there.


Edelweiss is based on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater, the worlds largest unbroken caldera, a UNESCO world heritage site and the haven for scores of wildlife including elephant, rhino, lions and numerous antelope. The family have held stewardship over the beautiful farm for 3 generations.


A mixture of exceptional terroir, climate and good farming practices have driven their farm to produce consistently exceptional and well recognised coffees that are sustainable in production and in their environmental and social impact. Combined with sharing the farm with numerous elephants, buffalos and occasionally lions provides for a unique coffee experience.


Roaster - James Gourmet Coffee

Location - Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire


Coffee Origin - Tanzania

Grower - Edelweiss Farm

Location - Arusha

Process - Golden Honey

Variety - Kent, Bourbon & SL28

Taste notes - Raspberry, blueberry & blackberry with soft fruits of the forrest. 


If you'd like to see the coffee on the James Gourmet web site and also see more of their coffees and their story just click here


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