Horsebox coffee roasters - Brazil Aprocem - Natural

Horsebox coffee roasters - Brazil Aprocem - Natural

I met Emily a few years ago when she was a barista trainer and coffee consultant, we got on right away and I've always liked a good old chat with Emily, if it's about coffee, or just a catch up on how the family are doing. It's been exciting to watch the business develop; First with the horsebox trailer set up that Emily still has for events, and then with the roastery. 


The roastery is out in the Oxfordshire countryside and it's a really relaxing place to visit. It's also home to the horsebox Emily uses for events, which was actually bought as new by her Mum when they were transporting their 2 horses to events. It's a facinating story worth a read and also you see the reason for the 2 blends - Brightstar and Dark Horse. I think one of the things I really love is that the horsebox is not a gimmic, or to be cool. It was in the family and not being used - so was kitted out with an espresso machine and new life was brought to a new business. 


The Ethos of Horsebox coffee roastery is:
We believe the perfect cup is a result of teamwork, partnerships, and passion. We work with trusted importers who hold long-term relationships and work closely with the farmers at origin to ensure flavour, sustainability, and an honest and transparent supply chain. We also build direct relationships with coffee growers whenever we can. We are continually exploring and we always share, so our customers, and our clients’ customers, can enjoy the most delicious, fair and sustainable cup. Our coffees are sourced from co-operatives certified for sustainable farming practices or smallholder farmers committed to traditional farming methods.


This coffee is the first to be showcased from Horsebox and is from Associação dos Produtores de Cafés Especiais do Sul de Minas - APROCEM. Located close to the city of Poço Fundo, in the southern Minas Gerais region, at a relatively low altitude for arabica coffee cultivation of 1000 - 1,300 masl.

Aprocem is a group of coffee producers with worldwide recognition for excellence in quality and sustainable development. They have a commitment to improve family farming and encourage the family to stay in the countryside. Aprocem do this with a variety of projects. In 2010 they started developing extra curricular activities for children to keeping them off the streets and away from gang life. The producer we are working with on this coffee (Edmilson Ferreira Noronha) is one of the founding members This year he is in transition to move all of his crops to organic cultivation, a rare thing to do in Brazil but one that the producer believes is the right choice to make for both environmental and economic reasons.

This coffee is processed using the Natural method. Whole coffee cherries are laid out to dry on patios. This can take up to four weeks until the moisture content drops right down to around 11% and the outer skin and fruit flesh can be shaken away from the bean. This can be a risky process, however when done well in the right conditions with regular turning and monitoring, the result is a sweeter coffee, with a rounded body and smooth flavour.


Roaster - Horsebox Coffee Roasters

Location - Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Oxfordshire


Coffee Origin - Brazil

Grower - Aprocem

Location - Poço Fundo

Process - Natural

Variety - Catuai, Vermelho

Taste notes - Milk Chocolate & Toasted Almond


If you'd like to see the coffee on the Horsebox coffee roastery web site and also see more of their coffees and their story just click here


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