Coffee subscription

Coffee subscription

The box was started in April 2020 with a trial, adapted in May with various boxes going out throughout the summer. We stopped the boxes for a couple of months, but due to popular demand we are able to offer a number of options for great coffee. 



With the increase of people working from home, I've been asked if possible to keep a regular coffee subscription but with larger bags - so if you would simply like great coffee delivered on a regular basis from some great roasters, without having to think about ordering each time - this is for you. 



Every bag of coffee you get will be different each month and every selection will be a different roaster and a mix of origins and processing methods. There will be some simple guidelines about the coffees that are sent:


  • Just the 1 - Will be a single 250g bag of what I'm drinking this month. It will taste amazing and have traceability from the farm to the roastery and then to you. This will be the freshest crop available and probably new into the roaster. The kind of coffee to savour at the weekend
  • Filter Star - This is Just the One + another coffee that will be more the sort of coffee you just like to enjoy every day. Probably a washed coffee or a honey, clean cup and a nice home office, or lazy Sunday morning coffee. 
  • Trio of coffee - This will be the same 2 as in Filter Star (catch the theme) with an additional "WOW" coffee. It could be a super small experimental microlot, it may be a competition lot, it's basically going to be a really special coffee. 
  • Master Brewer. As well as the Trio of coffee this will have a super wildcard. It's going to either taste like nothing you've had before, or be from somewhere you've not heard of, or have a really interesting story behind it. This is one for those of you who like to really get into what coffee can be. On occasion - this may come in a differant size for example 100g if the roaster is packaging it this way for extreamly rare and expensive coffees. 
  • Home Barista - If you have an espresso machine at home and use over 500g - 1kg a week - this is for you. The coffees will be roasted for espresso, so will most likely be different from the other subscriptions. If you want to brew filter too - feel free to get this as well as a filter subscription. 


All coffees are a surprise. They will all be from awesome roasters, who buy direct from the grower and roasted so they are both fresh and also rested in time for you to enjoy them when they arrive. 

The coffees are not all available to buy on the main site individually (a couple may be), but if you ever want to buy more of the coffee in a box just let me know and if possible I'll arrange this for you - or you can have the same coffee you like repeated the next time if it's available. 


Prices all include delivery and the 1st box will have a handy tasting notebook to record your thoughts on each coffee, your brew method, or just to sketch your next creation. 


If this is a gift, please feel free to enter the delivery address as the person you would like it to go to and I will send direct to them. You can also enter a message for inside the box so when they open it they know it's from you. 


You can buy this as a one off, or if you sign up to a subscription you can take a 10% discount and all subscriptions are able to be cancelled at any time, no questions asked. 


If there is another type of subscription you would like - e.g 1 x 1kg espresso and just the wildcard filter - let me know by mailing me on and I'll sort it out for you. Same goes if you need anything else at all.

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Coffee Subscription
    Subscribe and save 10%
    £11.25monthly/ auto-renew


    When you can expect your order:

    Whatever you order, we will get it to you as soon as possible. Any brewing equipment or filters will be in stock unless otherwise stated on the page and sent out within 2 business days. Anything showing not in stock will not be available again before Christmas. 

    Coffee bags and the Christmas tasting boxes will be sent out to arrive with you in the UK on Wednesday 23rd December, so your coffee is fresh for Christmas.

    If you are ordering from further away, your coffee will be sent on Friday 18th December and will aim to be with you for Christmas, but with International post at this time of year it may be a little longer. 

    Shipping terms are correct at the time of order but subject to change in the future.