This was a fantastic coffee - all of the 2019 crop is now gone - we loved it so much that I also saved a bag specifically for the Colombia subscription for August to demonstrate that a great coffee, stored well can stay fresh for + 2 months. 


If you clicked this link to buy the coffee, sorry, all gone, but below you can see the detail of the coffee. 


Based in the neighbourhood of Ancoats, Manchester, Ancoats Coffee Co. was founded in 2013, by founder Jamie Boland and now comprises a dynamic and passionate team in the double figures, all united by a shared love of great coffee. They have a whole section dedicated to sustainability - which you can see here.  On their website they share that they:


Understand that the world of coffee is an interconnected and interdependent one. They embrace the responsibility to respect the journey the coffee has been on to reach them. In keeping with this mindset and approach they are constantly seeking to make transparent, sustainable and ethical choices on the coffee theu use and the people they work with, all in pursuit of the most rewarding experience for their customers.


I've been to many coffee events and met the team, as they are almost on my doorstep, but it wasn't until I came back from World of Coffee last year and held a cupping in Manchester that I first started working with the Ancoats team. We've worked on a number of coffees since then and this is one of the coffees that was sourced and selected through Algrano. There wasn't a lot of it and it's now nearly gone so order quick or watch out for the next coffee from Ancoats in your next tasting box. 


Finca Laderas del Tapias, Colombia is not your normal coffee farm.  It is part of the UNESCO World heritage site, Coffee Cultural Landscape (CCL) of Colombia. Finca Laderas del Tapias forms part of a productive landscape consisting of a series of six sites, which integrate eighteen urban settlements. All of which reflect a centennial tradition of coffee growing in the high forest and the way farmers have adapted cultivation to difficult mountain conditions. Making it an exceptional example of a sustainable and productive cultural landscape that is a strong symbol for coffee growing areas worldwide.

This seal of international approval and protection speaks not only to the care, attention and perseverance of Felipe Rincon Cardenas and the team at Finca Laderas del Tapias but of the quality of coffee they produce.


Felipe Rincón Cárdenas has won a multitude of awards for coffee from the farm that he owns along with another local family. Suited to multiple brewing methods, this coffee is a magnificent example of a natural-processed coffee which has been milled and dried to the highest standard.


Roaster - Ancoats Coffee Co.

Location - Manchester


Coffee Origin - Colombia

Grower - Laderas del Tapias

Location - Cañón del Tapias.

Process - Natural

Variety - Caturra, Colombia

Taste notes - Green Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry


You can read more about this coffee on the Ancoats website and view their full coffee range here


You can follow Ancoats Coffee Co on Instagram and tag them when you nail the perfect brew by clicking here

Ancoats Coffee - Colombia Laderas del Tapias



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