80 Stone Coffee Roasters - Peru: La Estrella

80 Stone Coffee Roasters - Peru: La Estrella

Simone & Roberto are 2 guys I've known for quite a while. I could go into the days Simone spent training me in their cafe Chairs and Coffee for UK Cup Tasters when I first entered in 2016, or the trip I went on to El Salvador with Roberto meeting coffee producers and visiting mills. But I won't. 

The important bit is that in all the time I've known them, they have had a real focus on quality. 


80 Stone Coffee Roasters are a duo who are more than a little obsessed with all things coffee-related.

Simone and Roberto’s story started in London, back in the glory days of 2006, while working together in a restaurant.
But let’s go back to the beginning… Roberto grew up in his family run coffee shop in Verona, and has always been in hospitality. He also happens to be a whiz at financial management and with finely-tuned organisational skills. Roberto left London in 2008 and started running his own busy coffee & wine bar in Verona.
Simone has spent over 17 years in the coffee industry, in everything from barista training, speciality coffee roasting and coffee exporting. He even upped sticks from his London life in 2010, after finishing in 6th place at the UK Barista Championship, and moved to Guatemala to learn more tricks of the trade. He got involved with a coffee exporting company and judged barista competitions throughout Central America.
He also secured 2nd place at the Italian coffee cupping competition in 2012.

While they have different backgrounds, they make a team as balanced as their tastiest blends.

I've taken this from their site. You can read their story on how they started out here. Go on - have a read!


Choosing a coffee was hard here, as we have worked together over the last couple of years on a number of fantastic direct trade relationships. This is simply a great coffee that works really both as espresso and as a filter. This coffee has a great story and expect to see more coffees from 80 Stone in a box in the future. 


The story of Aprocassi is a long and interesting one. It is a story of protests and conflicts that began in 1997 when the Canadian mining company SULLIDEN started gold exploration in the area of San Ignacio. A chemical accident attracted local opposition backed by the Catholic Church and local farmers. In that period a Pastor called Humberto Tapia Días created the Aprocassi cooperative with the objective of showing that a more sustainable agricultural reality was possible. After many blockades and protests, Sulliden eventually renounced the project and left the area. La Estrella takes its name from a lagoon in the area that has a shape of a star. The main coffee varieties that grow in the area are Mondo Novo, Pace and Catimor. The cherries are picked and processed by the local farmers, sold to the Aprocassi cooperative and exported. The coffee harvest takes place between November and March. All the coffee is organically grown.


Roaster - 80 Stone

Location - Croydon, South London


Coffee Origin - Peru

Grower - Aprocassi Cooperative

Location - San Ignacio, Cajamarca

Process - Washed

Variety - Mondo Novo, Pace, Catimor

Taste notes - Bright floral acidity, sweet almonds and milk chocolate backed by subtle grapefruit notes.


If you'd like to see the coffee on the 80 Stone web site and also see more of their coffees and their story just click here


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