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All upcoming events at the top and scroll down for a recap of past events

The first 2 January showcase events were a big success and now we're looking to plan more

We had a lunchtime event at Heart and Graft in Manchester and a Friday afternoon / evening event at La Marzocco in Leeds

Looking forward to the next event and seeing you there.

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Future events coming soon. 
31st March at the Ikawa Showroom in London and more

The full calendar of events to choose from will be displayed here.

Events are currently being planned, so nothing to sign up to right now. 

If you're wanting to hold a coffee event, or if you would like to showcase your new and innovative business please get in touch. 

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One Cup World, World Coffee Research and Algrano

A showcase of some of the most innovative ideas in coffee right now with presentations, a cupping and finishing with a drinks reception.

We had a presentation from One Cup World - with a innovative solution for the single use cup problem.

A presentation from World Coffee Research on new projects at origin and how roasters worldwide are supporting the research.

A cupping of new lots on the Algrano platform from North Colombia and a presentation on how the platform is helping more roasters than ever to buy green coffee direct from producers.

Thanks to everyone for coming. 

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World coffee research and Algrano at Heart and Graft in Manchester

A presentation from World Coffee Research, followed by a presentation on the Algrano platform and a cupping of fresh crop North Colombia

Greg from WCR landed in Manchester on Wednesday morning, so we went directly to Heart & Graft to give a presentation on what WCR does

Then we had a presentation on the algrano platform, where roasters can buy coffee direct from the grower followed by a cupping of come of the coffees from the new North Colombia discovery.

Fantastic event and thank you all for coming

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