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Algrano enables transparent selling and buying of green coffee

Algrano is an innovative trading solution for green coffee 100% cost transparent, based in Zurich.

Kallisti Coffee manages the relationships between the roasters and the platform for all roasters in the UK and Ireland so that algrano has a local point of contact in the UK without the overheads of a UK office.  This is a support function for roasters in the UK & Ireland who also have the same access to the platform and options as the roasters in Europe. 

For roasters:

Facilitates the buying process with advanced coffee supply chain solutions such as shared container spaces for small quantities. (Click here if you are a roaster interested in learning more)

You can also download a short introduction slide deck here

For producers & cooperatives:

Price autonomy and market access: offer and connect directly to roasters in an online network of over 1000 users across more than 75 countries. (Click here is you are a producer interested in learning more)

Roasters and producers

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